Be flexible

during tight moments for the power grid and save on your bill and carbon footprint.

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Customize Equipment Management And Receive Green Cashback Incentive


Specify the functioning, usage or comfort constraints of your equipment


Specify the frequency of the adjustments that we are allowed to make


Stay in full control of your equipment at all times


Receive a payment from us, called the "green cashback", at the end of each winter season


Payment is given in both euros and carbon reduction

What is Flexible Electricity Consumption?

Modulation of consumption for a limited number of hours

(0.5% to 3% of the time)

Modulation during times of network saturation or imbalance, typically in winter

Significant level of modulation in relation to the site’s total load or with sub‑measurement tools

Flexibility valorisation

With FLEXHORIZON, for each hour of demand response activated, we pay you a high multiple of the price of your power supply contract. This can help you save money on your electricity bill, even if the modulation of energy use is imperceptible for your activity.

What does it cost?

Initialization process

if your devise is smart‑grid ready

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Everything is free. We only require you to follow the initialization process below. The flexibility of your asset during a small fraction of the year ie. high demand moments for the grid will earn you a “green cashback”, in euros and CO2 emissions

Initialization process + Equipment
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if your devise is not smart‑grid ready, the cost depends on your equipment connectability

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There may be a cost to get your equipment smart‑grid ready. In some cases, a third party might take care of it, depending on your wish and capacity to invest. The ROI is usually very high. Whether you paid for it or not, you will receive a “green cashback” at the end of each year.

Initialization process

  • 1

    Analysis of the potential of flexibility of the site

  • 2

    Learning phase of the electrical consumption profile

  • 3

    Definition of a personalized demand response project

  • 4

    Activation testing phase

  • 5

    Qualification phase with the TSO if necessary

How to Use the Service

The customizable FLEXHORIZON platform provides an interface for the control and supervision of the deletion.

Facilitating the integration of the flexibility service into your control system

Dashboard to program the demand response constraints and forecast the activations

Alarming about the unavailability of the demand response capacity

Live Visualisation of the achieved and expected gains

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