Flexibility as a service

Capture the full value of the flexibility of your energy assets or the ones of your clients

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Our mission is to make possible a decarbonized, collaborative, highly adaptable and resilient energy system.

Modulate energy usage of distributed power assets during high demand or grid stress

Flexhorizon provides a software platform designed to automatically modulate the energy usage of distributed power consuming assets during times of high demand or stress on the electrical grid, preventing the need for power plants to burn fossil fuels like coal, gas or oil, while rigorously respecting functioning constraints at any time.

Flexhorizon modular platform

Self‑learning contextual awareness of physical assets

Demand Response and Balancing services interface

Real time micro‑grid management tools

Control, monitoring and analysis of consumption data

Bespoke optimization tools for large scale flexibility portfolios

Our Benefits

High profitability

  • We pay a high multiple of your delivery price for each hour modulated


  • Functioning boundaries always respected


  • Simple interface
  • Quick setup
  • Works as add‑on to existing BMS


  • Real time estimate of gains in euros
  • Quantification of CO2 reductions

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